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Happy early Father's Day to _zenofbeer .
My name is Barbara Christensen, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified Aromatherapist (among other things), on a path to enlighten you with the power of plants in all facets of your life. I am the author of both, Nourished In 30, Exploring Aromatherapy, available on Amazon. 

When we connect the foods we eat, and the foods we supplement with, we can create a synergy in our being that is what I call elevated nutrition. If this resonates with you now, then you are in the right place.

I created the Paleo Vegeo lifestyle over a decade ago, and then continued into a nutrition education, and became a Certified Personal Trainer. I know that both food and supplements are essential to our well being. The supplement part has gotten so much easier the last few years. However, meal prep and eating well is as confusing as ever. That is why I joined this revolution, and encourage you to do the same.

No matter if you are interested in going non-gmo, getting meal prep support, building an empire or creating cooking classes for your tribe; this is the place for you! Welcome! 

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