Independent Coach - Barbara Christensen

I call myself a rockin' entrepreneur... I'm a mom and wife first, and I know that makes a difference in how I'm going to work with you. It's about being the type of person that can go back to my family at the end of the day proud of the things that I've done. It's about sharing with you, rather than selling to you. And most of all - it is about being there to listen and sort through what you need - coaching, nutrition, fitness, money... I want to be the one that helps you reach the place that you are going to. 

As part - you will become one of my Nourished Warriors when you sign up to work with me, because I don't do anything unless I'm going to do it right. So if you work with me, be prepared to change the way you look at food - because nutrition is key to life. I've been a life coach for over a decade and someone asked me why I became a wellness coach. The reason was that EVERY client of mine that struggled was not getting the nutrients they needed. Can you function in a fog? So we start there, and we move on. Learn more about my coaching business at and then let's connect.

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