With so many amazing programs... your soul mate workout is here

So what is a soul mate workout? It's something you are going to be able to stick with, that you'll enjoy and that compliments who you are. If you love to dance, Hip Hop Abs is perfect, Are you a runner looking to increase your endurance? Then I recommend either Insanity or TurboFire to get your heart rate up. How about someone looking to just get stared with fitness? Slim in 6, TurboJam or Rockin' Body are amazing programs to start with. Programs start at $19.95 and go up, so what are you waiting for. Head over to the store to start browsing. 

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Products for any age


You don't have to be 21 to be healthy and fit. Most of my clients are over 40, many over 50... and beyond. There isn't a cut off age for health or fitness. Some of the best programs we carry are ageless. 

Tai Cheng is
 a lower impact, balance building and strengthening program that will not pull or strain the way some yoga movements can do. And how many times have you fallen over doing a yoga pose? I think that is the benefit of this program - low risk of injury and yet you are still building functional strength and balance. Functional strength is going to carry you through all of your life and is essential for vitality of life as we age.


Change your body, change your life

Metabolism is a funny thing. What you had at age 20 isn't what you have at age 30. What you have at age 30 isn't what you have at age 40. But the truth is that at any age your can change the way you feel. The secret to metabolism is high interval style cardio and strength training. Without a combination of these you can work out all day and never see a big change. These programs are my favorite metabolism boosters.

Les Mills Pump - The Rep Effect keeps your muscles guessing and boost your metabolism for 24 - 48 hours

TurboFire - The HIIT Drills will keep you burning calories long after the workout is done. 

P90X or P90X2 - The best just got doubled. P90X is a staple, and now P90X2 with the foam roller is heaven

Insanity or The Asylum - Insanity is BANANAS as Shaun T says, and Asylum is the one all of the athletes are using. 

The best option - Support, Nutrition, Fitness

The very best option is to do any of our programs with a Challenge PackageYou get the complete Team Beachbody account where you can track your workouts and have access to full meal plans ($38 additional quarterly Team Beachbody fee applies after the 30-day trial), a 30 day supply of the Shakeology flavor of your choice on home direct with free shipping! You also get with your Club Membership 10% off any future Beachbody workouts and nutritional supplements, access to the online support group on Facebook, emailed weekly challenges designed to help you get lasting results, a weekly group call with motivation and accountability, and of course your soul mate workout all at a discounted price. You can get started today, or add in the extra bonus of becoming a coach and your start-up coaching fee is waived with the purchase of your challenge pack. (and your discount goes up to 25% and you're earning an income and tax deductions as well as getting fit!)