Learn more about the Team Beachbody Military Opportunity

Beachbody introduced their FREE Coach program for U.S. Active Duty Military members and their spouses. This is a great way for our militay personnel to start a business while serving our country. There is no better time to take advantage of this business as your start-up fee ($39.95) and your monthly service fees ($14.95) are waived for the entire duration of your active duty.

Our military are brave, amazing individuals with brave families...


You know what’s the best part of taking advantage of this business opportunity for military families? You get the chance to change people’s lives for the better by sharing it with other military families…

It doesn’t matter if they’re in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard. Any one of them can join the Beachbody affiliate program for FREE!

Can you think of anyone else how would love to join the Beachbody Coach Military program for free?

Can you think of anyone who would love to make some extra money during their free time?

Can you think of anyone that would love to get fit or improve their health?

Chances are you already thought of a few people…

The greatest favor you can do for anyone is to help them achieve their goals. And life in the military takes bravery - and we want you to share that bravery with those that are struggling to change their lives. 

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