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If you are interested in become a coach please fill out this form and I will get back to you. 



Do you crave sugar, feel off balance, want to detoxify but cannot see doing a 21 day program? 

Start here with my FREE 5 day Sugar Cleanse, maybe even order the 3 Day Refresh to make a week long event!! What do you have to lose? 


How Can You Join For FREE?


Who can apply for the Military Waiver Program?

1) Active duty military service members (All branches)

2) Military service members wounded in action

3) Honorably discharged military veterans

4) The spouse or domestic partner of: an active duty service member,  a military service member wounded in action, or a military service member lost or killed in action.

It's good to be the QUEEN!! 


I have over a decade of business coaching, so how do you recruit successfully in your business? 

Be The Queen of your business!!  

Q- Qualify 

U - Understand 

E - Engage

E - Educate

N - Nail it down!! 


Remember that not everyone wants to be a part of your business. Not everyone wants to buy your products. It's okay to Qualify someone as not being your customer or recruit, and continuing to understand their needs, and engage them because as a networking business owner you KNOW people and you can refer them to what works for them. 

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