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Meal Prep For Your 21-Day Fix Diet Plan

Meal Prep For Your 21-Day Fix Diet Plan

How well do you feel you have a handle on your nutrition plan? If you’re been looking into diets for some time, you know that having the solid foundation of how the diet works is an important part of being successful. A large part of this can be setting yourself up to have the majority of the ingredients that you will need ready to go in a week. Over the next few paragraphs we’ll be discussing some techniques to help you get started on the process of meal preparation for the 21-Day Fix. Pick Your Favorite Recipes To give yourself an easy week of meals, pick your favorite recipes. This will help you to find things that you will be excited to eat, and that will help you to stay motivated and on track. The other reason that you will want to pre-select meals, is so that you already know what kinds and amounts of food that you have to buy on your grocery trip. Make a Shopping List Once you know what kinds and quantities of food you will need for the week, make list and set a plan of attack. If you sometimes struggle with making good food choices, there is one very easy piece of advice that can help. Most of the foods that are on the 21-Day Fix program will be found around the perimeter of the store, so if you stay away from the center of the store you will find much of what you need. Budget Time to Cook the Food In just a few hours on a weekend or at night, you can prepare all of the food that you need for a week. Budget out the time to make the cooked portions of your meals and store them in meal prep containers that you can keep handy in the refrigerator. You can rest easy knowing that you have gotten this part of your meal plan out of the way, which will save you time and money! Make Easy Grab Meals and Snacks An easy way to make sure you stay tied to this diet is to keep things simple. Make Easy, Grab and Go style meals and snacks. This will help you to build good healthy habits, and avoid cravings for things that will damage or halt your progress. Put a small portion of your favorite snack into a container that you can grab when you’re in a hurry or needing a pick-me-up..

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