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Have you ever done a cleanse?

I did the 21 Day Ultimate Reset

Over the last 21 days I went through a new program called the 21 Day Ultimate Reset, and it is all about cleansing out the toxins, cleaning up your system, and bringing you to the other side in a healthy manner. The first week you start to clean out the very acidic foods from your diet. Weeks 2 and 3 are vegan… but you are always eating during this detox. I admit I had the snack during the entire detox, I just felt I needed it. Many people don’t, but I was thrilled with my results.

How was the 21 Day Ultimate Reset program?

It was easy to do, with meal plans and menus to follow, and the part I liked the most about it was that I had guidance throughout from the online participant portal, and my upline coach as well just to bounce ideas off of. I even had help from Darin Olien and Dr. Wheeler in the group to change up items that I was allergic to during the 21 Day Ultimate Reset or UR as we call it. How great is that?

What about those results form doing the 21 day Ultimate Reset?

As you can see, the results are real. This not only gave me back the flatter stomach I desired, but I found out that I had a great deal of candida still in my system, but that the Shakeology daily had just been holding it at bay. So I’ll be continuing to take the Revitalize every day, as well you can get the maintenance kit to continue on your journey healthy. I think that you’ll be so thrilled if you just give it a try.

What about a daily Reset program?

But the program out there today is not the one they put through the clinical studies, and it's not supportive of daily detox. That made it so that my friends and myself had to Reset again and again. It's a fantastic one time program, but it's not a sustainable program. That's why I was so excited when I found this really great biodegradable water bottle that has a special cap for these tablets that are created with calcium bentonite clay. Since I started eating my Paleo Vegeo + ketogenic diet, because this is what really works for so many people changing their diet, I also worried about getting enough minerals because the ketogenic diet really uses those minerals up and leaves you deficient so quickly. With my lemon juice and detox in the morning, and my minerals at night, I am really giving my body the foundation. Along side of that I am using natures bounty with ginger and turmeric, and getting rich sources of dense nutrition.

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