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How To Reduce Your Grocery List and Shopping Bill

When most people think of dieting, they tend to think of expensive special foods that will drain their time, money, and patience. The beauty of the 21-Day Fix is that it tends to be less costly because of i’s use of whole foods, but could there be more to this method that can save you money? In this article we will be looking at just a few tips and tricks to help keep you from breaking the bank. Plan Your Grocery List Before you go to the store, it’s important to understand what types and quantities of food you will need to buy for your weekly meal plan. When you have a complete understanding of the nutritional requirements, you will be more prepared to make balanced, healthy choices and pick the most exciting meals that are available during the 21-Day Fix. Focus on what is easy and simple. Avoid buying anything that you are less likely to use.

Shop At The Farmer's Market

Buying local food not only helps with the environment, but it helps with your grocery bill. When you become a locavore you get to know your food producers, and they offer amazing deals. Once I bought an entire box of green beans, and split it with my best friend. When you are meal prepping, for the 21-Day Fix Program you're often going to use a lot of the same foods for the week, and so this just makes more sense to me. Farmer's Markets are open all over during the Summer months, so take advantage of this 21-Day Fix support tool. Purchase Food in Bulk Buying economy packs can save you a great deal of money. Stores are likely to package surplus or give a price break for items in higher quantity, so buying a larger amount is often a good idea. You will be surprised how much money this can save. For example, buying a family pack of chicken breasts can get you a great deal on your chicken, which you can separate into portions when you get home. If you plan accordingly, you can shave hundreds off of your grocery list this way. Have a Meal Prep Day When you have time, the next step is to go ahead and prepare it bulk as well. This will save you time, and help prevent the likelihood that you will be tempted to eat something outside of your diet, or buy an expensive item to replace your food from your meal plan. Always make choices and take action to protect yourself from an opportunity to deviate from your diet. A small amount of maintenance goes a long way. Freeze any Unused Items If you have purchased a substantial amount of meat or vegetables to eat that go beyond what you will need for the week, you can freeze it! Some stores offer very generous specials on meat that they don’t believe they will sell, so you can take advantage of this and purchase amounts large enough to last more than the initial 21-Days. If you know that you will not be using items soon, freezing them will prevent waste.

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