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No regrets - secret: just remember to breathe!

If you want to go fast, do more, then go—but sometimes, it might work to your benefit to slow down, remember to breathe, and enjoy a little "you time". It's one of those things we have such a hard time remembering, and yet it is so important. It's like how we feel when someone gives you that big old ヽ(•‿•)ノ hug first thing in the morning. It starts your day off in the most perfect way.

So just stop and breath right now. Stop the mind gunk by listening to music if you need to. Close your eyes. Think of all of the amazing bits of your life. Visualize all of the good things you desire. The better health, less worries, freedom that prosperity gives you, happiness in your relationships, a feeling of love throughout your entire body. Do this for as long as you can. No matter if it is just 5 seconds or 50 minutes you are going to get so much. This is the truth of our revolution. Your attitude determines your altitude. Where will it take you?

Don't place any goals to this part of the practice... it's about feelings. Feelings are that soul-centric energy. Create purpose, create imagination, create expectations, create strong beliefs of where you are going. Later in this process we will connect this to our soul map and elevate the process in the daily actions we take. The secret here to let it go, like the song says. Visualization is the creator of the universe. Intention is the focus of your desires. Letting go of the end goal is going to open you up to allow it all in. They say if you hold on to a dollar bill tight you will end up with just that dollar bill or less. But when we stop holding onto every cent, and instead let it go to do it's work, open up to allow prosperity to work, we then create that place or authentic abundance. Do you believe it? What dreams does it bring up? Care to share?


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At 38, dealing with major post partum depression, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle. This meant taking control of my life and making important decisions...

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