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Summer Travels + Fitness Goals

You're getting ready to start the 21-Day Fix, but of course it's Summer. That means Summer Travels and bad eating. However it doesn't have to be. When you’re getting ready for a trip, it’s pretty common to be sure of what you’ll need, what kinds of food you’ll be eating, and have directions on how to get there. A similar process is necessary when preparing for a lifestyle change. Being prepared will help you to be confident in your choices, and generally improve your effectiveness and success with a program. What kinds of things will you need to consider to get to your health destination? In the following article we’ll be looking at a few of these important details. So study this, and then plan your on the go foods, and when we're eating out food ideas to really work with this program. Once you've done several weeks of Fix Foods you'll start to be able to plan and decode food containers in your head. There is just no reason that you should be worrying about what to eat when you are traveling, but also you don't want to come home twenty pounds heavier. Plan your trip, and plan your wellness to go hand in hand. Study the 21-Day Eating Plan If you’re getting ready to start the 21-Day Fix program, it will be important for you to understand how the eating plan works. When you review the 21-Day Fix Eating plan, you will find out how to calculate your target calorie intake, what food goes into which containers, and will give you the ability to find out how many 21-Day Fix Portion Control Containers you are allotted for your meals. This will make it easy for you to put together meals that follow the program, and maximize efficiency to give you the results you want. The 21-Day Fix also includes Approved Recipes that you can use for meals. 21-Day Fix Approved Recipes There are a large number of resources available on the internet in the form of blogs, and websites dedicated to explaining aspects of the 21-Day Fix, but you can also pick up a copy of Autumn Calabrese’s FIXATE Cookbook. This cookbook contains 101 recipes that can be enjoyed by people all ages. Having more options for meals can keep you motivated to stick with the 21-Day Fix, and knowing what you can eat makes it both easier and time efficient. Learn 21-Day Fix Exercises Exercise is a huge part of every health or weight loss plan, so knowing what you will be doing is helpful to your confidence and routine. The 21-Day Fix is set to a 7-day schedule, where you target different areas each day. Each week, you will become more comfortable carrying out easy 30-minute workouts. Changing the areas targeted gives you a more well-rounded workout, keeps you having fun by avoiding the boredom that comes from repetition, and prevents your weight loss from plateauing and reducing your results.

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