The fitness that keeps the firefighters going

Firefighters face a much higher risk of death from heart attack when battling a blaze — up to 100 times the normal rate — and are more likely to be struck even when they’re doing less-strenuous tasks, according to a Harvard study.

Looking at firefighter heart attack deaths nationwide over a decade, the researchers found that the risk of heart attack is highest when firefighters are working at a fire scene — with increased odds ranging from 10 to 100 times the normal risk of heart attack.


The risk of dying from heart disease may increase during fire suppression because of the effects of strenuous exertion on firefighters who have underlying coronary heart disease. Also, many firefighters are overweight and lack adequate physical fitness, which may be contributing risk factors.

Firefighters in Boise, Idaho “bring it” everyday at their work by pushing play and staying fit with P90X. Find out what it takes for these guys to keep moving through the heat on this edition of BNN.

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