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There is a saying that you may or may not have heard… “You can’t out-train your diet.” This is so true. I’ve not only been there, but I’ve seen it so many times in my practice. If you are going to the gym to workout just in order to eat that chocolate cake – you’ll never see the results. Abs are built in the kitchen, and that’s not a lie.

A very dear friend of mine has found great success and lost 20 pounds in 8 weeks by diet (although she doesn’t like to call it diet because it’s weight watchers and she doesn’t see that as a diet) and exercise (TurboFire). Being consistent on both counts is something you have to balance if you really want to see success on this program.


As my daughter has said to many many times before, “why didn’t you tell me?” Well consider yourself on notice that I expect both healthy eating and fitness at least 6 days a week if you want to be successful.

Success is the culmination of all the defining “miracle” moments that we have throughout our lives that enable us to discover something about out true beings. It is more about the how much you really, really, really, really believe in yourself – beyond the faults you may be told you have. Beyond the failures you are told that you are experiencing. Because you don’t recognize these as faults and failures because you know they really are an opportunity to learn and grow to reach your goals.

Success is that moment beyond the regular life stories you hear when we are able to conquer a challenge and jump on that catalyst to what’s next with vigour and courage. As Mr. Dyer says, it is when you leave the tribe… and believe me I left the tribe a long, long time ago. Every day I am aware of the purpose and path that is before me. Every moment I am pushing forward, making the connections of the individuals that I need to connect with. Every time someone tells me no, I tell them that they really, really, really, really mean yes – because I know that I am here to be the answer they have been looking for.

Success is who you are. Success is where you live. Success is a multitude of all of the physics coming together – all of the particles maximizing who you are.

So what does that all mean? Sorry to confuse the issues. I am not here to make you change your life. If you focus constantly on the fact that you feel tired, rundown, can’t get rid of the fat, why even bother…. well nothing I could do for you would change it anyway. You get what you ask for in the life. But if you are open to the possibilities to wish for something better, to feel amazing, to get that energy back and to finally get healthy no matter what anyone else says to you or does to you in the next 90 Days…. then I’m going to give you the tools because you are ready.

Life is what you really, really, really, really make of it. The reason I say it that way is because if you are really, really, really, really focused on the BS in your life you start to feel like you are walking around in rubber boots and a biohazard suit. If you focus on the greatness and amazing opportunities around you, more and more doors just keep opening up and blessings are abundant. Try to make amends with the negatives in your life and let them go. Focus on the really good things in your life and the really great things you are going to do starting right now. I know that you are ready to change. So click the link, start the process and believe in it because it’s the truth.


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At 38, dealing with major post partum depression, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle. This meant taking control of my life and making important decisions...

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