Beachbody Super Saturday April 25, 2015

So where are you heading with your team for the Beachbody Super Saturday?

Ready to build a monster wave of momentum for your business? Then put Super Saturday on your must-do list. For many Coaches, these essential, quarterly events are the turning point where it all comes together. The “a-ha” moment when everything suddenly starts to click.

So what is this Beachbody Super Saturday?? Four times a year, thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches host meetings on the same Saturday with the same mission to get key training tips, share best business practices and hear about new products and promotions.

And the coolest part of all? You'’ll connect with other Coaches face to face. You’ll celebrate successes, bond with your teammates, and feed off a collective live energy you just can’t get from Facebook and Twitter.

Where will Team Beachbody Corporate Be For Super Saturday April 25, 2015

In other words, your whole Team will be on the same page and laser-focused to take the next quarter by storm! I personally am hoping for a Body Beast 2 announcement ... but they may make us keep waiting because Body Beast is such a HUGE seller (no pun intended). Bod Beast was the #1 infomercial on TV in January and the #2 most popular Beachbody program ever!! And it's not all guys!!! The Sexy Beasts are all about getting toned up too. I'm gearing up to start Beast on May 4th {May the Fourth Be With You} and take it to Summit when I can get CIZE and dance my pants off. What do you think?Are you intersted?

Team Beachbody Super Saturday April 2015

join us

 for the 


Recipe Exchange @ 9pm!

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