Join The Simply Fit Club Challenge

Are you ready to change your health and fitness this summer?


Want to join a six week challenge to be committed to a healthy life? Starting the Simply Fit Club Challenge on Monday... Healthy Eating, getting our booty's moving, leaning into some motivation... who wants in?

Six weeks commitment to being invested in the group and supporting others, and your own accountability. Join today >>

Why challenge yourself?


Sure you might lose weight quickly but unless what you are doing is something you can do FOR THE REST of your life! That's what I love about leaning into a healthier way of life. It's not about cutting calories, it's not about anything but eating healthy, reducing inflammation and then having a better quality of life!!

Challenging yourself and your diet and exercise habits involves lifestyle modifications, but maintaining these lifestyle changes can be the real challenge... which is why having a support group can be so helpful. I would love to have you request to join our group. The more people, the bigger the support group!!!


join us

 for the 


Recipe Exchange @ 9pm!

My Journey of Discovery
and Weight Loss

At 38, dealing with major post partum depression, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle. This meant taking control of my life and making important decisions...

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