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Quick and Easy Vegan 21-Day Fix Lunches

Quick and Easy Vegan 21-Day Fix Lunches

Lunch time is the time that most people meal prep for because that is when you are at work, on the go, or can sit down and have something ready for a quick bite. Regardless of your schedule, you will likely want lunch to be the easiest and quickest of your meals, even if you are doing meal prep ahead of time. If you are looking for a few lunch ideas that fit the quick and easy bill, then here are some to consider. English Muffin Pizza There is a misconception that you can't have your favorite foods when you go on a 21-Day Fix diet plan. The truth is, you can but they do need to be altered just a bit. The almond flour or other gluten-free vegan english muffin pizza is just one of those types of options. All you need is an english muffin, sauce, and some vegan cheese. Each one does need to be measured in your containers to ensure you are only getting what you are supposed to have and in the amounts that are right for you. Just take the sauce, layer it on the english muffin, and add the cheese. Bake until melted. You can even make it ahead and add the cheese and sauce and pop in the microwave. Buffalo Cauliflower Wraps Wraps are something that a lot of people enjoy even when they aren't on a diet plan. And cauliflower is one of my favorite vegan proteins. Did you know that there are about 11 grams of protein in a head of cauliflower? You can still enjoy your wraps, and take them in your containers to fix during your lunch easily. For the buffalo cauliflower wrap you will need make it ahead of time, maybe with dinner and then use leftovers for lunch. Just make sure that the recipe meets the needs of your 21-Day Fix program. You can wrap it up in collard greens, add in some baby spinach or sweet pea sprouts, and even some plant based cheese. Mix them up and make your wraps. Easy, quick, and ready to go. Veggie Burgers Burgers are something that you may feel like has to go from your lunch time menu. The truth is you have a wide array of burger options on the 21-Day Fix. One of them is a simple veggie burger. You can buy the patties or make them yourself. Just stick to the amount of veggies you need for the day and add them to the burger. Make sure you use an approved sauce, like tomato paste, and stick with vegan cheese putting it in the right container depending on what it's made out of. It's a healthy version of the burger you love. By using these recipes you can ensure that you have something quick and easy, and of course you can always just go with the Mason Jar Salad idea. You can also build on these ideas, keeping with the meal plan of course, and change them up to add a bit of variety to your weekly lunches as well.

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