Excuses and Fear Are Out Of Here I Simply Fit Challenge Week One

Simply Fit Challenge Week One

Six week challenge starts tomorrow, and this first week is all about tackling all of those excuses. It seems that over the last year I have become the Queen of excuses. The FitBit scale let me know... and apparently I don't work well with old school manual scales. It was shocking!! So bring on the Simply Fit Challenge!!!

It's about health, and when I focus on health then the weight will come back off... I know that.

At least I can't lie to myself any more about what the old manual scale says I weigh. And, I am not at 41% body fat!!! As a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner I want to hang my head in shame, but I won't. I won't attach shame to anything that is attached to me. I am amazing!! I just had to pull myself together and I'm saying goodbye to the garbage. I have gained over ten pounds in the last 14 months...at least that I know of because I have seen my photos and I know I've lost weight. But guess what... I am okay and it's okay. Goodbye to those ten pounds, because I am going to give them up. I don't know need them to be my partner in fear... I am over that.

Simply Fit Challenge Week One I Barbara Christensen Fitness I Excuses and Fear

I have been very quick to make excuses since the miscarriage. Sort of like I made excuses when I had my daughter. I had to realize that when she was four it was no longer 'baby weight'. Excuses are rationalizations we make to ourselves about people, events and circumstances like weight, relationships, career, and so much more in our lives. These excuses are invented reasons we create to defend our dysfunctional behavior, to neglect taking action, or simply as a means of negating responsibility... and believe me that many of us have a lot of that held onto issues about responsibility. It either makes us control freaks, or afraid of success and being responsible for others.

I have been living with LOADS of excuses. And in fat what it comes down to is these reasons:

  • Fear of Failure/Success/Responsibility

  • Fear of Embarrassment

  • Fear of Change {Who Moved My Cheese}

  • Fear of Uncertainty

  • Fear of Making Mistakes

  • Perceived lack of confidence or resources {Like not having enough... been there too}

To eliminate excuses from our lives we must first look at eliminating all traces of fear. And that was my word for the year, Fearless. And so it's time that I've spent half the year going after many of my fears, now it's a big big fear of failure, wrapped tightly in a big fear of success! Do they have an AA program for that? One for those of us that are GREAT at coaching others to get through these issues, but SUCK air at getting down to business when it comes to ourselves?

I am going to let go of those fears because I have a lot of them. I fear that I won't get back to the size that I used to be. I fear that if I get back to the size I used to be I will go back to the person I used to be... and I didn't like that girl very much. She was a bit of a bee-och. I fear that I will be very successful and more clients will look to me for answers. I fear that I will grow an extremely large business organization and I won't be able to support them.

“The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses…The gift is yours—it is an amazing journey—and you alone are responsible for the quality of it.” ~Bob Moawad

So I am looking at myself today as a person who is ready to say goodbye to my excuses. I am going to say goodbye to a person that fears becoming something more.... it goes back a lot of years, this fear, but I am ready to take it on. I know I'm not a size, and I think of myself as such. It stands in the way of my wellness goals. It stands in the way of being the best mom and wife I can be. It stands in the way of going after things I know that I want to go after. So that is what this is all about this week. Taking on those fears.

Today it ends. Fears be gone. I am enough. I am going after my dreams. Are you ready to take on some fears? Get over some insecurities? Be the person you are meant to be?? It's going to be hard, but you can do it, and so can I!! I am also going to actually start and complete a fitness program. It has been two years since I did a full program. That lack of ability to stick with it, also goes back to that fear of failure/success/responsibility. And so I am going to do the 21 Day Fix starting on July 6th, that will take me through getting CIZE and then I will commit to doing CIZE after the Team Beachbody Summit in Nashville. I will keep committing to be healthy and follow through and by the end of the year I will see myself back where I am meant to be!!

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