Why Try 21 Days Of Focused Fitness + Nutrition

Why Try 21 Days Of Focused Fitness + Nutrition 21 Day Fix

I work with clients every day and research products and programs for their success. There are a massive amount of books, diets, and exercise plans on Amazon, not to mention on the market for the consideration of anyone looking to improve their health or lose weight. An alarming number of these plans involve counting calories, complex points systems, and trying to memorize difficult workout routines, but just how beneficial are they? If you were to find out that there is a program that combines nutrition and exercise in a way that boosts the effectiveness of your efforts to improve health and weight loss, would you try it? There is, and it’s called the 21-DayFix. Here are some top reasons to try out the 21-Day Fix. Easy Exercise Plans In the 21-Day Fix, exercise plans are on a weekly schedule with short workouts for each one. That means that it’s fast and simple, which is great for even the most busy people, from working professionals, to stay at home moms or moms like myself. I not only work from home as a holistic coach, but I am homeschooling and so I have to make the most of my fitness time. If I don't get it done in the morning, it's not getting done.

Each of the daily workouts are different, and that means no more boring repetitive workouts that yield weak results. It also means muscle confusion. That's where you are targeting different areas of your body which maximizes your potential, and keeps the body from hitting that dreaded weight loss plateau while you’re having a fun workout. As a Certified Personal Trainer I can say that's not easy to figure out on your own. Most of us do the same muscle movements day in and day ou. These workouts combine a rich mixture of Pilates, Yoga, upper body, lower body, and cardio to put you on the path to healthy living that you’ve been working towards. Easy Meal Plans One of the most complex and challenging portions of any weight loss program is nutrition. The 21-Day Fix takes all of the that guess work and stress out of the meal making process. The primary aim is portion control, and this is accomplished using the super easy, color coded food container system. One good policy to have is: If it doesn’t fit in the container, save that part for tomorrow! Red Container – Lean Protein Green Container - Vegetables Purple Container - Fruits Orange Containers – Dressing, Sauce, and Seeds Yellow Container - Carbs Blue Container - Healthy Fats The simplicity of the 21-Day Fix helps you to be a successful meal planner for yourself, without counting any calories or points. Fast Results Psychologists have noted that it’s difficult for almost anyone to continue a program when they see very little change after months of hard work, but the 21-Day Fix answers this by giving you the results you crave. After less than a month and working with the 21-Day Fix, you could lose up to 15 lbs.

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