What's Included In A Good 21 Day Workout Program

Most would agree that any good workout program is the type that keeps the information seeker motivated to learn and practice the things they learn in the program. A key component to forward motion is simplicity, and ease when studying. The 21-Day Fix is a program that has been tailored to meet those needs. By including a range of information and guides, they have taken the hassle and guess work out of the workout plan. Let’s look at a few of the high quality features included with the 21-Day Fix because you probably wonder what is included in the 21-Day Fix Workout Program. Great Educational Materials The 21-Day Fix comes with great workout educational material to get you started in the form of 2 DVDs. The DVDs will contain all that you need to know to properly execute your daily workout routines, which are: The Total Body Cardio Fix, the Upper Fix, the Lower Fix, the Pilates Fix, Yoga Fix, Cardio fix, and the Dirty 30 Bonus workout. Each of these workouts are designed to keep your body on it’s toes, give your body recovery time, and keep your progress from becoming plateauing. Workout Calendar In another stroke of genius, this simple calendar breaks the 21-Day Fix into 3 weeks, allowing you to focus on the progress of each week. Each workout is done once a week for 30 minutes. It’s that simple. A 30 minute workout makes these workouts more accessible for busy people in every walk of life. It has to have a plan. I am a planner. Chalene Johnson's gave me that PUSH several years ago in the right direction. If you don't plan it, life will plan for you. The Portion Control System The 21-Day Fix Portion Control system is one of the strongest weapons of the 21-Day Fix program. By making food choices simple and color coded, you will spend less time languishing over food options, and get on track to a healthier and happier you. If you’re stumped on what kinds of meals you can make, you can simply read the list of 21-Day Fix approved meal recipes. Just remember that every meal counts, and that it’s never a good idea to skip meals in a workout program. Be sure to get the nutrients that your body needs. 24/7 Online Support Last and certainly not least, is your access to online support 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. Motivation is one of the greatest components to any fitness program, but with the help of online support you will be able to get the much needed tools to push forward and achieve the results that are right around the corner.

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